We often have inquiries about our services and protocols so we'd like to give a short overview of how we are able to improve patient conditions quickly and affordably.

  • We are in network with most major insurance companies and will gladly call on any insurance if you're wondering about your coverage. Further, if we're not in network with your carrier, we can call to determine any out of network benefits you may have. We find that many patients have good benefits despite network status.

  • We do not require a 2 visit initial appointment with "report of findings". Unless further tests or x-rays are needed for evaluation, a history, exam, and treatment all happen on day 1.

  • We do not take x-rays on the first visit unless it is medically warranted (i.e. "I fell off a ladder yesterday.")

  • We frequently utilize more than one therapy, such as massage, condition specific exercises, adjustments, and more, to ensure pain relief and patient improvement as quickly as possible.

  • We do not require patients to sign lengthy pre-paid treatment plans. Patients are scheduled on a week to week basis with emphasis on constant reevaluation because each patient, and their improvement time, is different.

Calling For An Appointment

  • give your name, insurance information, and a brief description of the reason for your visit

  • schedule your appointment

  • or you can request an appointment HERE

1st Visit

  • fill out initial visit paperwork (you can fill out this paperwork early, just click HERE)

  • sit down with the doctor to talk about your past health and current issue

  • let the doctor examine you

  • get treated (unless treatment is not warranted or if further tests, or x-rays, are needed for evaluation)

Subsequent Visits

 All patients receive an initial 3-5 visits.  At that time, there is a reassessment of your progress; if you are improving, further treatment is discussed.  If you're not improving you will be referred to the appropriate healthcare provider.  Proactive Chiropractic does not employ a one-size-fits-all model.  Each patient has a different condition and responds differently to care than the next.  Because of this, treatments are scheduled on a week to week basis with constant reevaluation.  In general, the more you improve the less frequent your visits become.  Our goal is to improve your condition as quickly and affordably as possible and when you've improved, you're discharged from care.  Simple as that.  That being said, many patients prefer to get treated on a regular basis for more of a maintenance approach and that's great too.  Either way is fine by us.  

Virtual Tour

Feel free to take a peek at the office before your appointment.

Click here for photos.