Dr. Lisa was born and raised in nearby Manchester.  She graduated with honors from Eastern Michigan University, earning a Bachelors of Science degree.  She then attended National University of Health Sciences near Chicago to obtain her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. She continued her education further to obtain her Certification in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (a clinically proven treatment protocol using repetitive movements, as well as mobilizations and manipulations, designed to treat spinal and extremity pain (specifically, conditions such as sciatica, sacroiliac joint pain, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, muscle spasms and intermittent numbness in the hands or feet).   The protocol emphasizes teaching patients the specific movements that will reduce their current pain quickly and allow them to prevent future episodes on their own without expensive diagnostic testing, medical intervention, or lengthy treatment plans.  You can learn more about MDT here.

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Dr. Kim was born in Ohio and grew up in Brighton.  She graduated with a Bachelors degree from the University of Michigan.  She then moved to the suburbs of Chicago and began her professional education at National University of Health Sciences, where she met Dr. Mesko.  NUHS also offers programs for Naturopathic Doctorates, Acupuncture, Biomedical Science, and more, giving it a reputation for being dedicated to bringing all health care providers together, working in unison, for the benefit of the patient.

A letter from Dr. Mesko

"I'd like to take this opportunity to explain why I do what I do. About 15 years ago I was having severe leg pain for seemingly no good reason.  An MRI showed two severe disc herniations in my low back. I began heavy medication and physical therapy but the pain continued to worsen.  I then had steroid injections but they failed to touch the pain, and my specialist referred me for surgery.

Although I was technically a perfect surgical candidate, my surgeon recommended I try anything else, for at least a year, before scheduling the surgery, due to the permanent nature of spinal fusion.  

I have to admit...  I was at my lowest point emotionally and physically. The constant heavy medication was slowly whittling my body away, my hair was falling out and I tipped the scale at a whopping 98 lbs.  I was forced to move home from college as I was in too much pain to sit through classes.  I was utterly exhausted and had never felt more hopeless.

This is when I went to see my dad's chiropractor.  I honestly thought it was a waste of time but that I'd better jump through all the hoops so I could eventually have the surgery. 

It was not an easy road.  It wasn't a quick fix or a simple pill.  But it was the right decision.  The treatments were quick and painless, he educated me on home care, and I immediately began feeling better. My condition improved, I was able to stop taking pain medications, and finally returned to my normal life.

It was this experience that drove me to become a chiropractor myself, to pay it forward you could say.  Having gone through the excruciating daily pain, the barrage of medication, and office visit after office visit, I can confidently say I understand where a lot of my patients are coming from.  That's not to say that those treatments never work or those doctors don't know what they're doing.  They are intelligent, caring, and knowledgeable professionals who we here at Proactive Chiropractic refer patients to.  Truthfully, I believe there is always a time and place for prescriptions and surgery but really those should be last resorts, not first priorities.  

If you're feeling hopeless and exhausted, please consider chiropractic before riskier and more invasive treatments like injections or going under the knife... I understand that new treatments are scary and making the phone call can be a difficult obstacle, but make the call anyway.  There is hope...  There's also a good chance that chiropractic could help improve your condition and return you to your normal life.  Just like it did mine."

A letter from Dr. Wojnarowski

“Hi, I’m Dr. Kim.  I have been a chiropractic patient since I was 12 years old.  Initially, I was treated for my “Monday Headache.”  This was a headache I experienced at the beginning of every week after school.  It was so severe that I was often confined to the couch for several hours, unable to do my homework or studies.  My mom took me to the Chiropractor she was working for and after a couple of adjustments, my headaches were a thing of the past.  I continued seeing chiropractors for the rest of my life and witnessed many incredible things.  Patients who literally came crawling into the office were able to walk out upright after treatment.  Coming from a family of nurses, I always saw myself in the health care field and because of my experiences, chiropractic was the perfect choice.  

 If you have any health concerns and you’re wondering if we can help, there’s good news - we probably can.  Symptoms of aches ands pains, digestive issues, arthritis, acute and chronic immune challenges,  stress, anxiety, and mental fog, just to name a few, can all be helped with chiropractic, supplements and nutrition.  We’ve helped people who have been told, “there are no options, nothing further can be done, just watch and wait.”  There are options, more can be done, you no longer have to watch and wait.  Give us a call.”