Our Focus

Do you want to stay active, be pain free, and continue to enjoy your favorite activities?  We want that for you too.  If you remember the last time you were really sick you'll probably agree the saying, "you have nothing without your health" is true.  Thanks to modern medicine, we are now living longer than ever.  Reaching 80+ years of age is an ever increasing probability and we want you to be fully functional when you get there.  

The truth is simple, the joints of the body tend to become less mobile over time without proper care and small tasks can become large challenges as the joints worsen.  Our focus is also simple.  To increase the motion of the spine and extremities to enable pain free daily activities and longevity.  

Because of Dr. Mesko's personal experience with disc herniation (full story here), she attained her certification in the McKenzie Method, a specialized form of evaluation and treatment, centered around patient involvement and education specifically for back and neck conditions... But we don't discriminate, here's a list of more conditions we treat.

  • radiating pain
  • muscle spasm
  • arm/leg pain
  • chronic pain
  • TMJ
  • upper, mid, and lower back pain/stiffness
  • neck pain/stiffness
  • headaches/migraine
  • herniated disc/pinched nerve
  • numbness/tingling 

If you have a condition that's not on this list and you're not sure if we can treat it, feel free to ask.