"The ladies at Proactive Chiropractic have helped me the most out of all the things I have tried.  With all the PT I tried (over a year) and even receiving a back injection, nothing has helped me more than these ladies!  I am back to working out and not being in pain when I sit!  They care a lot about their patients and have a passion for what they do and it shows!  Thank you SO much!" - T. S.

"After experiencing significant lower back, hip, and leg pain while running over a 3-month period, I scheduled an appointment at Proactive Chiropractic. A runner for 30 years, I feared I would soon be trading my 15-20 running miles each week for walking miles. Dr. Lisa and Dr. Kim listened attentively to my history, and to my improvements and setbacks over 5-6 weeks of treatment. Their strategy was adjusted accordingly, and was very effective. Initially, appointments were 3 times per week. The last two weeks, I had one appointment per week. Both doctors were involved during each visit, offering explanations and ideas, and suggesting at-home exercises to compliment treatment in their office. Dr. Lisa and Dr. Kim were genuinely concerned with my improvement--making sure I was comfortable with the level of treatment being offered. Based on my improvement, they suggested suspending treatment. I am pleased to report that I am back to running 15-20 miles per week, with any pain continuing to fade. If you are thinking about chiropractic treatment, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Kim can be trusted to give their best effort, to be caring, and to be honest about what they can and can't do to help you." - T.K.

“For months I was having trouble sleeping and because of the amount of pain I was having in my shoulder. I was spending hundreds of dollars on massages to temporarily relieve the pain. In just 3 visits they were able to not only get rid of the pain but also correct my posture. I was referred to Proactive Chiropractic by a co-worker and I am so glad they did. Thank you Proactive Chiropractic for all your work.”  - J.A. 

"I've had hip discomfort for several years, and chronic headaches as long as I can remember.  When I started seeing Drs. Lisa and Kim, they not only designed a treatment plan specific to my problems, but changed it as needed.  They also tried different types of treatments, not just manipulations and adjustments.  My hip and back are doing much better, but what I've seen the biggest difference in is my headaches.  They are much less frequent, and less painful too, where I can deal with them without medication.  Thanks to Drs. Lisa and Kim my quality of life has much improved." - C.H.

“I have nothing but praise for the staff at the Proactive Chiropractic. Each person working with me appeared very interested in my care and the progress of my shoulder. Upon arriving there initially I had no idea of what bad shape I was in until receiving the services of Dr. Mesko & Dr. Wojnarowski. Their chiropractic services have made a major difference. So much that I was golfing the next day PAIN FREE. I truly have appreciated their great team approach in getting me back to normal as quickly as possible. I highly recommend to all of my friends and family!!” - L.S.

"I had never been to a chiropractor before my injury and was unsure of the type of treatment or care I'd receive. However, Drs. Kim & Lisa were extremely knowledgeable and explained their treatment methods thoroughly. For myself, they used scientific data to explain the issues that I was having and it made me feel comfortable in measuring treatment progress. While it took some time to relieve my issues, I am back to full functionality. I was so impressed by the work of the doctors that I referred them to a couple of co-workers who need chiropractic care." - B.W.

“I would highly recommend Dr Mesko. She is a great doctor, does an amazing job with my adjustments and helping with my low back pain. She explains everything in a way so you can understand it, she will tell you the medical term and then explain in Layman's terms so I know exactly what she is talking about and exactly how everything she is doing works to help with your pain. She is very personable and you will feel right at home when you first meet her!” - L.P.

"The key word in Proactive Chiropractic Care is "Care"!  For the doctors are not only proficient in the medical care they provide, both truly care about the people they provide care for.  I found each visit a step toward recovery, a recovery that has been thorough and lasting." - B.C.

"The combination of adjustments, massage, and exercises have really helped my headaches and upper back pain.  The doctors take time to evaluate my progress, answer questions, and have also taken the time to give me home exercises.  I would recommend that any of my family and friends in need of chiropractic care see Dr. Kim and Dr. Lisa." - B.H.

"Great office! The staff is wonderful and extremely attentive.  They really care about you and explain everything in detail throughout the treatment.  They even give you helpful tips to use at home to help!  Highly recommend." - J.R.