Proactive Chiropractic

Proactive Chiropractic is a small business with a simple plan...  Help people get better.  The goal here is to get patients out of pain quickly, improve their chronic conditions, and help them avoid recurring conditions through chiropractic treatment, education, and at-home care.  We strive for excellence and integrity as well as affordability.  

If you clicked this tab, you're probably wondering not only who we are but more importantly, how are we different?  

  • We are in network with most major insurance companies and will gladly call on any insurance if you're wondering about your coverage.  Further, if we're not in network with your carrier, we can call to determine any out of network benefits you may have.  We find that many patients have good benefits despite network status.
  • We do not require a 2 visit initial appointment with "report of findings".  Unless further tests or x-rays are needed for evaluation, a history, exam, and treatment all happen on day 1.
  • We do not take x-rays on the first visit unless it is medically warranted (i.e. "I fell off a ladder yesterday."
  • We frequently utilize more than one therapy, such as massage, condition specific exercises, adjustments, and more, to ensure pain relief and patient improvement as quickly as possible.
  • We do not require patients to sign lengthy pre-paid treatment plans.  Patients are scheduled on a week to week basis with emphasis on constant reevaluation because each patient, and their improvement time, is different.