How we’re different

We understand that your choice in chiropractic care is an important one. Here are some of the questions we hear most often that might help the decision making process a little easier.

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Do you have to take x-rays?

We don’t x-ray everyone.  We send for x-rays at St. Joseph in Chelsea when it is clinically warranted (i.e. “I fell off of a ladder yesterday.”)

Will I be pressured to keep coming after I feel better?

Absolutely not. When you’re improved, you can either continue care in the form of maintenance or choose to call when you need further treatment and there is no pressure either way.

Can I get treated on day one?

Unlike some chiropractic offices, we do not require a 2 visit initial appointment with a "report of findings" on the second day, before you can be treated. Unless further tests or x-rays are needed for evaluation, a history, exam, and treatment all happen on day one.

Do I have to sign a pre-paid treatment plan or a care contract?

Nope - many offices require you to pre-pay for a certain number of treatments and/or for a certain amount of weeks or months and sign a contract which binds you to that agreement. However, there are never any pre-payments or contracts at Proactive Chiropractic.

Do you do more than just adjustments?

Yes - we frequently utilize more than one therapy, such as massage, condition specific exercises, adjustments, and more, to ensure pain relief and patient improvement as quickly as possible.

Do I have to pay out of pocket for my massage?

Some offices offer massage as a paid for separate treatment option. However, at Proactive Chiropractic, any of the soft tissue work (massage, manual therapy, trigger point therapy, etc) is performed by the chiropractors directly before your adjustment. Because of this, many major insurance carriers cover this therapy.